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Creative Pipe, Inc., based  in Southern California, was founded with a mission to distribute the finest quality outdoor furniture and bicycle parking racks and lockers money can buy.
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Vinyl Plastisol Coating Now Available

With a wide array of standard products as well as the ability to create custom site appointment solutions, Creative Pipe has become the trusted choice for architects, developers, builders and decision makers for a myriad of settings, including:

Government and Civic Complexes
Corporate Campuses
Recreational & Sports Facilities
Residential Developments
Retail Centers
Colleges & Universities
Transit Authorities/Light Rail Systems
Office Buildings
Elementary and High Schools


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Creative Pipe, Inc. was founded with a mission to provide high quality, progressive site furniture including unfinished furniture, outdoor benches, park benches, outdoor trash receptacles, ash urns, planters, bollards, picnic tables, bicycle racks, bicycle lockers and bicycle wall rack storage.

Our standard product line includes many different models of rugged, innovative, high security, and high quality bicycle racks, bicycle lockers, bollards, outdoor furniture, picnic tables, and ash urns. At Creative Pipe, Inc. we understand that quality, aesthetics and comfort all play an important role in the customer's choice of outdoor furniture, whether it be unfinished furniture, patio furniture or furniture fabricated using the recycled plastic process.

Additionally, we are always willing and able to work with customers to fulfill requests for specialty bicycle racks as well as other custom products.

At Creative Pipe, Inc. we are deeply entrenched in the bicycling community and are therefore quite aware of the cyclist's needs. As a result, we work closely with many bicycle coordinators around the country and strive to offer bicycle racks that are not only secure but also functional and bicycle friendly. At the same time, our bike racks are economically feasible thereby allowing us to supply large quantities of bicycle racks to many U.S. cities including Portland, Oregon, New York City, New York, and Austin, Texas, and many U.S. institutions including Stanford University, the University of California, Davis and the University of Oklahoma. In addition we have also sold our products in Japan , Canada and Hong Kong .

In short, Creative Pipe, Inc. means faster delivery times, better prices, larger selections and greater flexibility.

Despite its elegant facade, our site furniture endures the rigors and abuse that go hand-in-hand with heavy commercial use. Our natural tendency to think "outside the box" has resulted in the creation of a standard line of site furniture that succeeds in maintaining a creative, artistic and progressive advantage while at the same time admirably performing its intended function.

We also provide products that help keep the Earth clean. Such products as Ash Urns and trash bins not only help keep our streets, offices and homes clean but also help the sanitation officials who collect the cigarette ashes from the ash urns and our garbage and trash from the trash receptacles to properly recycle or dispose of them.


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