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Creative Pipe, Inc. supplies outdoor benches that have been used in park bench plans, commercial transit plans, corporate campus plans, at universities and in numerous cities, both large and small. When perusing our benches, please note that we provide benches for every conceivable application whether they be patio benches, deck benches, garden benches, park benches or contemporary commercial grade high end outdoor benches. We are confident you will find something you like from our standard line of benches; however, if that does not prove to be the case, please send us your bench plans so we can supply the custom bench that is right for you.

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Pausa Seating Units Piazza Steel Bench Rambas Freestanding Bench

Click here to view the Rambas, RMBBT and RMBLBT, Modular Benches Click here to view the Regulator, RGBB™, Modular Benches

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Rambas, RMBB™ and RMBLB™, Modular Benches Regulator, RGBB™, Modular Benches Relax Seating Units

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Relax MW: A Member of the Sardi Public Seating Family 4 OF 6  

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