Bike Post Bicycle Rack-Model BP: Patented

BP-F-P: Bike Post Bicycle Rack, Flanged Surface Mount, TGIC Polyester Powder Coat.


Creative Pipe, Inc. offers a standard bike bollard height of 39" (custom heights available on request)


1. Vertical Post: 1.5" I.D. (1.9” O.D.) Schedule 40 steel pipe (other diameter pipe available upon request)

2. Locking Loops & Bicycle Design: 3/8” laser cut steel plate

3. End Cap: Domed steel


1. Standard Embedded Anchor Mount
All Creative Pipe, Inc. bike bollards are embedded 12”-24” into the ground (customer’s options). Before applying a finish each bike bollard is fitted with a 12" long, 1/2" diameter re-bar cross bar. This cross bar acts as an anchor. Optional base covers are available with the standard embedded mount.

2. Optional Flanged Surface Mount
Flanged racks are fitted with a pre-drilled steel flange prior to the application of the finish. This flange is full welded to the base of the bollard and accepts steel concrete anchor bolts.

3. Optional Removable Mount
Removable bike bollards come with a sleeve that is embedded in the ground and can be locked to the bike bollard using owner-supplied locks.


1. Hot-dip Galvanized
Galvanized versions are hot dipped galvanized subsequent to fabrication.

2. Polyester Powder Coat
Powder coated versions are cleaned and sprayed with a thermosetting TGIC polyester powder coat.

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