CS2-P Cycle Shed
CST Series Bicycle Lockers by Creative Pipe, Inc. are made to the most rigid specifications and quality standards to provide ultimate security and resistance to vandalism, corrosion and theft. At Creative Pipe, Inc. we offer lockers made from sheet steel (electro-galvanized or stainless), and glass fiber reinforced plastic (fiberglass) and polyethylene.

We do not offer lockers made from fiberglass laminate over wood, as these lockers are not suitable where high security and high durability are essential requirements (please call for more details on this topic).

Standard CST Series lockers hold 2 bicycles per modelar unit, have an interior diagonal partition, and can stand alone or in a linear fashion with other units. CS Series lockers have two individual keyed doors per unit, use high security Medeco or Chicago locks (padlock and "U" lock option also available), and have adjustable surface mounted leveling feet.

In single capacity lockers we offer the exciting vertical polyethylene GuardianT locker and a single capacity version of our CS2-C sheet steel locker, the CS1-C. We also offer a new triangular single capacity CS1-C unit called the CS1-C-t.

CS 2-P
Shown with optional locking mechanism to accept user supplied "U" locks or padlocks.

Proprietary steel "U" Channel wall reinforcements (a Creative Pipe, Inc. exclusive).

Close up of the CS 2-P showing its proprietary leveling and anchoring mechanism. Units can level a maximum of 5 vertical inches.

Internal locking hardware and full length locking bar.

Length: 75”; Width: 40”; Height: 50”

2 bicycles per modular unit (each unit is diagonally divided with a door on either end). Units can be used individually or in a linear fashion with other units sharing a common wall.


UV Stabilized, graffiti, vandal, abrasion and fire resistant Polyethylene.

Polyethylene has an extremely high impact resistance making it nearly impossible to dent.

Polyethylene is highly chemical and corrosion resistant. Paints, markers and glues will not adhere to its surface.

Polyethylene will not heat up and provides excellent insulation and ventilation.

Polyethylene is made from 100% recyclable materials.

External grade sealed OSB.

Extra thick double walled doors and foam reinforced walls and top for strength, rigidity and insulation.

Integral internal framework and ribbings in walls, roof and floor to provide strength and rigidity allowing the units to withstand over 225 pounds per square foot on the top surface and over 60 pounds per square foot on the door and side surfaces without buckling or cracking.

Internal steel “U” channel wall reinforcements - an industry exclusive.

Locks & Hinges

Molded in hinges with stainless steel pins.

Door locks are pop-out T-handles with removable lock cylinder manufactured by either Camlock Systems, Abloy Lock Company or the Medeco High Security Lock Company. Locks are individually keyed and equipped with a vertical locking bar which runs the full length of the door from top to bottom. Locks can also be mastered keyed. Lockers can also be used with padlocks or popular “U” shaped locks.

Recessed number plates (sequentially numbered).

Vented doors.

Crowned roof to shed water.

Accessory hooks.

Proprietary steel surface mounted leveling and anchoring system which utilizes steel anchor bolts and can be vertically adjusted to a maximum of 5 inches.

Viewing windows.

UV Stabilized, graffiti, vandal, abrasion and fire resistant polyethylene in a large variety of colors (Note: Color is integral to the material and not merely surface applied).


Flanged Surface Mount
Proprietary surface mounted leveling and anchoring system secured by steel anchor bolts and possessing a maximum vertical adjustment of 5 inches.

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