Custom Racks and Designs
At Creative Pipe, Inc. we have a huge bending and fabrication facility and have the capability of making custom racks, benches, tables, sculptures and other site furnishings.

Custom Fish Rack

We also have state-of-the-art laser cutting capabilities and are willing and able to work with customers to fulfill requests for custom products. All custom racks are fabricated from extra heavy schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe and solid round bar.

They come outfitted with either steel plate flanges for surface mounting or schedule 40 steel pipe legs for embedded mounting.

Creative Pipe, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the designer Merrill R. Denney to our staff. Although other companies have imitated his work and copied his ideas, Merrill is the originator and undisputed leader of bicycle parking sculptures, and has been featured in many major newspapers as well as national publications such as "Bicycling Magazine."

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