Duo, Model DORS, Litter/Recycling Station

Duo Litter/Recycling Station, Solid Steel Sheet Sidewall, Pedestal Surface Mount, Powder Coated, Hinged, Locking Domed Steel Top.  Shown with an optional multi-color color scheme.

The Creative Pipe Duo Litter/Recycling Station is a tasteful blend of tubular and steel sheet, that house two separate liners to designate between the following items:

  1. Litter
  2. Cans and Bottles
  3. Newspapers, mixed papers or other recyclables

These two liners are accessed via an integral, hinged and lockable door.

NEW: Embossed Steel Sheet: Now available as a sidewall option.

Solid steel sheet (as shown), perforated steel sheet, or customized perforated or laser cut steel sheet. Please designate “-SS”, “-PS”, “-CPS”, or “-CLS” for solid, perforated, custom perforated, or custom laser cut steel sheet respectively.

Embedded, flanged pedestal surface mounted for bolting to existing concrete or freestanding. Designate “-E”, “-PSF”, or “-FS” for either an embedded,flanged pedestal surface, or freestanding mount respectively.

Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; or stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Designate “-G”, “-P”, or “-SS” after the mounting option for a galvanized, powder coated, or stainless steel finish respectively.

Hinged, locking domed steel tops or low tapered tops. Designate “-DT” or “-LT” after the finish designation for domed steel tops or low tapered tops respectively.

1. Advertising panels. Designate “-AP” after the finish option for optional advertising panels.

2. Leveling feet. Designate “-LF” after the finish option for optional leveling feet.

3. Ash Urns inserts for the tops. Designate “-AU” for an optional ash urn insert.

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