eCS Bicycle Locker (Patent Pending)

Double capacity eCS Bicycle Locker with optional perforated diagonal partition and optional multi-color panel scheme.

The Only Electronic Bicycle Locker that accepts bicycle locker reservations over the internet

The eCS electronic bicycle locker by Creative Pipe, Inc. has been completely redesigned, and is truly the holy grail of electronic bicycle lockers. It is the only bicycle locker specifically designed to embrace modern technology and to offer the full range of secure bicycle parking options that modern micro-electronics can offer. Functional characteristics long desired by both cyclists and facilities managers such as keyless on-demand parking, pay-parking, usage monitoring, unattended bicycle rental, and a wide range of other options can now be provided at a reasonable cost by the multi-faceted eCS.

What makes the new eCS such a paradigm-buster is that its highly economical electronic system a llows the user to open and close the lockers electronically at the point of purchase using only a cellular phone, and does not require the use of any digital keys, smart cards, credit cards, tokens, or other devices. FUTHERMORE, THE eCS BICYCLE LOCKERS CAN BE RESERVED AHEAD OF TIME VIA THE INTERNET BY VALID MEMBERS AT ANY TIME AND AT ANY LOCATION WHERE THEY ARE INSTALLED TO ENSURE THE MEMBER HAS A LOCKER WAITING FOR THEM UPON THEIR ARRIVAL.

The electronic system consists of a number of standalone keypads connected to tiny computers that work in conjunction with a centralized computer database. The revolutionary aspect of this system, however, is that the keypad computers and the central database are not directly connected but rather stay in sync via algorithms and Zurich time.

We placed an individual on the opposite side of this unit to demonstrate the transperancy, and thus security, achieved by our custom perforated panels.

Shown with optional multi-color panel scheme.

The unique frame-and-panel construction system of the eCS allows for flexibility of choice in panel materials to custom suit particular security, durability, fire-resistance, weather-resistance, visibility, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements. Equally important, the frame-and-panel system of the eCS is the only system designed to offer high transparency with maximum bicycle security. The benefits of highly transparent panels are multifold: when people can see bicycles inside the function of the lockers is obvious and use is encouraged. Transparency also means that on-demand lockers do not become attractive as homeless shelters, trash receptacles, storage areas, or places to plant bombs.

eCS 2 Lockers

The electronic bicycle locker system works as follows:

  1. The user of the system becomes a member either by signing up at our secure website or by going through the entity that purchased the bicycle lockers (this is a entity-specific choice). Once a member, the user is eligible to use any available locker in the system.
  2. The user interfaces with the bicycle lockers via a standalone keypad located near the lockers and a cellular telephone.
  3. After identifying an available locker, the user phones the central computer database using the phone number printed on the keypad housing.
  4. The central computer database uses caller identification to recognize the user as valid, provides a five-digit combination for the available locker in the system (which the user as identified), and then charges the user’s credit card (which the computer has on record since the user is a pre-registered member of the system).
  5. When the user enters the provided combination, the keypad computer, which is algorithmically in sync with the central database, recognizes the combination as valid and allows access to the locker.
  6. The central computer database then keeps a complete and detailed audit trail for each and every keypad computer in the system.

There is a small monthly transaction cost for utilizing this system. However, since each keypad is capable of operating sixteen different doors, the cost for implementation of the electronic system is minimal if the keypads are used to full capacity (i.e. used to open 16 doors) and is still quite affordable if they are not.

Finally, because the central computer database is just that-a computer-it never closes. Access is available any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Interior View
Shown with optional 12 gauge perforated sheet steel diagonal partition.

eCS 1 with Optional Scalloped Anti-Skateboarding Panel Extensions.


eCS 1-T-PP
Single Capacity eCS Bicycle Locker with Optional Perforated Side Panels.

eCS 1-C-FP-t
Single Capacity, Triangular eCSs, Full perforation, Semicircular Layout.


  1. A lock having two locked states: a.) An “available” locked state where any system member can open the locker, and b.) A “secured” locked state where only the system member who last secured the locker using his/her cell phone or membership number can open the locker by using the same cell phone or membership number. POINT “b” ABOVE IS OF PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE SINCE WITHOUT THIS CAPABILITY, BICYCLE LOCKERS CANNOT BE ON-DEMAND UNITS.
  2. A latch and locked system that is self-locking meaning the locker is always locked-even when it is available for bike storage. This is of vital importance because it eliminates unintended use of the lockers (e.g. homeless use, use as a place to store/detonate an explosive device, etc.) and only allows access to the bicycle lockers by system members. Furthermore, without this function, the concept of on-demand lockers would be diminished.
The above two points are what make the eCS unique. Furthermore, without the capabilities described in “b” above, and available only with the electronic lock system used on the eCS, electronic locks offer little to no advantage over traditional keyed mechanical locks, since without this capability, all one is really doing by having an electronic lock is trading a mechanical key for an electronic key.

In addition to the two crucial points mentioned above, please click here to view the entire list of unique, one-of-a-kind features that allows the eCS Electronic Bicycle Locker to take the use of electronic locks to greater heights.

NEW: Sheet steel lockers are now available with embossed sheet steel panels.

Optional Features

Internal security cable. A high security aircraft cable is attached to the locker frame to provide an extra level of security.

Usage Tracking

Pay for Parking Options
eCS Bicycle Lockers can be set up to accommodate pay for parking on a per use or time-used basis.

Time out
If desired, after a designated time period, the cell phone or membership number cannot open the lock. This feature automatically deters abandonment or long-term storage, and gives the facility managers the option of issuing warnings and/or tickets for parking violations.

Standard Features 

Always locked
Whether available or in-use, lockers cannot be opened unless an appropriate cell phone or membership number is used. This deters inappropriate or unintended use.
Access Disablement
Access can be automatically disabled if abuse is discovered. For example, if an on-demand locker is locked empty with the intention of reserving it for later use, then the offending member’s cell phone number or membership number can be flagged, denying the member use of the lockers.

Multiple Openings
The system shall accommodate the use of an electronic keypad that has the ability to open 16 different doors.

Trunk Latch
Our lockers utilize a trunk latch mechanism from the automotive industry that has the following attributes: in case of an emergency where somebody gets locked into the locker, it can be opened from inside by pulling a lever; it is virtually impossible to jam the latch in an open position; and it meets U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 401), and is for innovation, strength, and integrity.

Magnet Free
The trunk latch system cannot be compromised electronically using a magnet.

Weather and Vandal Resistant Keypad
The keypad used with our eCS lockers is the same one used on public telephones, and is virtually impervious to the elements and vandalism. Additionally the system’s components have the capability of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40 ° to 160 ° Fahrenheit.

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