The Figure "H" Rack, Model FH 2™

Decorative approach to the standard inverted "U" bicycle rack offers all the same functional and security related advantages as the square tubing inverted "U" racks.

Simple design has a small footprint, is space efficient and offers excellent security against theft.

Vertical posts are pipe cutter proof 3"x3" structural and mechanical steel tubing.

Laser cut bicycle shaped centerpiece makes the rack easily identifiable as bicycle parking.

Laser cut centerpiece can be customized with a city, state, government, business, or school name/logo or can be a customized design.

FH 2-F-P-C
Custom Figure H Rack for the Village of Horseheads

(Please see "INSTALLATION SECTION" for detailed mounting options)

Standard embedded mount or permanent flanged surface mount. Designate "-E" for embedded racks or "-F" for flanged racks after the model number.

Hot-dipped galvanized (standard & recommended); polyester powder coated (optional); thermoplastic powder coat (optional); stainless steel with a #4 satin finish (optional). Designate "-G"; "-P", "-T", or "-SS" for galvanized, powder coated, thermoplastic coated, or stainless steel finish respectively after the mounting designation.

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