Nona SQ Cafe Tables

Mix and Match Cafe Tables & Chairs: It's like creating your own pizza

Creative Pipe, Inc. offers a large selection of stand-alone mix and match cafe tables and chairs for the ultimate in freedom of choice.  Pick and choose which chairs to place with which tables (please see "Chairs" Section of this website to view our selection of Cafe Chairs or simply click here).  The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless...

Outdoor/Indoor Square Tables
Frame: Anodized Aluminum
Top: 1" Thick, Shell Pattern Stainless Steel with Elevated Edge
Feet: Plastic
Weight Each: 22.5 lbs., 27 lbs., 31 lbs.
Units per Box: 1
Box Volume: 4.5 Cubic Ft., 5.5 Cubic Ft., 6.6 Cubic Ft.
Assembly Required

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