RECYCLED Plastic Boca Bench

"Doing our part to preserve the environment, Creative Pipe, Inc. is proud to introduce a line of site furniture made from recycled plastic products.

Constructed out of a minimum of 96% (by weight) post-consumer and/or post-industrial recycled plastic, these products are environmentally correct and will not splinter or corrode.

In addition, because the recycled plastic is UV stabilized, our products will endure in even the most demanding climates and conditions."

All bench models are constructed to withstand years of hard use.

The Boca Bench is the most genteel of the recycled plastic benches and features recesses in the legs to allow the seating planks to fit flush. This design also eliminates exposed ends and provides a smooth finish. A curved radius on the top and front seating planks adds comfort and style and a new fastening system allows for no visible hardware on the front of the bench.

The hi back Traditional and flat Dura benches offer all the quality construction and long lasting durability of the Boca bench in a more economical,utilitarian package.

All three bench models are fabricated from 100% recycled plastic. The benches will not splinter, swell, corrode, crack or rot and the molded in color process means they never need painting or staining. Furthermore the material is impervious to graffiti, dirt and vandal carvings, and paint and felt-tip markers can be removed with water or a commercial solvent.

All three bench models are made to be surface mounted. (Note: the Dura Bench is also available with an optional "T" stake embedded mount.)

All three models are available in gray, brown or cedar.

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