Wall Ramp Vertical Wall Rack: WR 1

Our stoutest, most elaborate and most user-friendly vertical wall rack design.

Ideal for areas such as garages where floor space is limited.

Unique ramp design allows the cyclist to walk the bike up and into place and eliminates the need to physically lift the bicycle.

Front tire drops into a formed upper tire "pocket" which offers the following advantages:

Accommodates wheels of various sizes.

Holds the bicycle in a secured, upright and aligned position.

Prevents the bicycle from rolling backwards or tipping side to side.

Allows the cyclist to release the bicycle freeing up both hands to lock the bicycle.

Allows the weight of the bicycle to be distributed on both tires like in the normal horizontal position.

¼" X 2" formed flat bar with ½" solid round bar locking loops.

Rack allows the cyclist to lock both the frame and tire of the bicycle to the locking loop for maximum security.

Formed channel guides the bicycle's tires into place.

Wall Ramp comes in two different heights to maximize space by allowing rack heights to be staggered.

Unique mounting plates allow the rack to mount to both the floor and wall for extra security and stability.

Ideal for U-Shaped, cable and chain bicycle locks.

Surface Wall Mounted.

Hot-dip galvanized (standard and recommended), polyester powder coat (optional), thermoplastic powder coat (optional) and stainless steel (optional).

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Model #
Description / Bicycle Capacity
WR 1
Wall Ramp Bicycle Rack / 1 Bicycle
69" L X 5" W X32" D
WR 1-X
Extended Wall Ramp / 1 Bicycle
73" L X 5" W X32" d

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